Awkward CampGeekiest Show Ever #42

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In the 42nd episode of the Geekiest Show Ever, Justin and Travis discuss problems getting old video games in a modern world.  Then, for the second half of the show, the GSE boys talk about awkward experiences at summer camp.

Oh yeah, and Justin has some fun with a cap gun.


New Hero’sGeekiest Show Ever #41

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In this episode, we meet our new heros, Justin & Travis (from the Drunken Halo Podcast & the Drunken JaT) as they embark on their quest for world podcast domination. Along side our new heroes, Tim Robertson shows them the ways of the podcasting force and become Jedi like our father. *Spoiler Alert* Tim really does get struck down and becomes more powerful than we could possibly imagine 3/4 of the way through and our new heroes are forced to succeed on their own. All in all, it’s history in the making.

They also talk about some of the problems surrounding the game Duke Nukem Forever.