Geekiest Show Ever 275 – The Unidentified Flying Tuna Trot

Correcting a major oversight from last week (and a chance to annoy Mark) we make Kevin happy by having the weather report. From there we move to a cooking disaster story from Elisa (who’d thunk it) which leads us to talk about some of our cooking experiences. Then in keeping with season we then discuss our Black Friday purchases. Elisa enlightens us with some of her value victories,  Mike tells of some of his gaming purchases only one of them was a Black Friday sale. Finally for this section Melissa mentions some of hers which then leads into a discussion of iCloud storage and Apple Family Plans.

For our picks we start with a bonus pick of the SanDisk 256GB iXpand Base for iPhone for computer-less local backup for the iPhone. We then get Melissa’s pick which spurred the whole iCloud discussion, iTunes Gift Card on Amazon (not the least bit confusing). Elisa gives us an idea how to listen to all the music we buy with iTunes Card ( may be while running  off all that turkey at the gym), BeatsX Earphones. And finally Mike has a suggestion for moving your Nintendo Switch to another room so the family that games together can stay together, the J&TOP Portable Dock for Nintendo Switch.

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Geekiest Show Ever 274 – ISP Streams

This week we start out with a short clip from Kevin explaining the lack of show for the last few weeks and his absence from the show. Then we launch into a discussion of our ISPs and cable providers. From there we compare notes on our routers and network setups. Then we discuss Mike’s twisted logic to justify getting an Apple Tv. This leads to our strategies for movie buying and distribution.

We finish up the show with our picks. Elisa thinks needs a waterproof Kindle Oasis would be awesome for when winter finally retreats and she can open up her beloved pool. Melissa wants a new iPad for “the kids” (Yeah sure). Then Mike picks the Esright Massage Recliner Chair to relieve the stress of getting caught with his video watching.

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