GSE334 Simply the Worst

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Last episode we discussed what makes a great design and what we liked most or felt was life-changing. This time, we’re flipping it to talk about the Terrible Product Designs We Love to Hate. How could these product designs be improved to make the world a happier place? Dealing with waste and bad design takes some thinking outside the box.

13 horribly designed everyday products that need to be reinvented” — Business Insider, May 1, 2017
10 exasperating design flaws in everyday objects” — Creative Bloq, July 06, 2018
7 Bad Designs Of Everyday Objects You’ve Become Used To” — Ed Times, June 2, 2018
Examples of Bad Design in the Real World” — Site Builder Report, July 8 2015
The guy who invented USB finally admits it’s annoying to plug in” — Digital Trends, June 24, 2019
The Pros and Cons of Switching to a Shampoo Bar” — Mind Body Mastered, February 11, 2020

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GSE333 Design of the Times

What is a product or service you believe is so well-designed that it makes life easier to navigate? We share our gratitude for design by discussing our top-of-the-list, favorite products inspired by an article Elisa found in Fortune Magazine The 100 Greatest Designs of Modern Times.

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Our picks for what we most look forward to doing again once it’s safe outside of stay-at-home practices:
Elisa: going to concerts and hitting the beach.
Melissa: family entertainment parks such as her local Funtasticks Family Fun Park.
Mike: going out to eat.

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You can look for and listen to Melissa in an upcoming episode of Foodie Flashback with Patrice.

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