Geekiest Show Ever 305 – But Wait There’s More

After Mike complains about the weather and Melissa and Elisa torture him with theirs we move on to a variety of subjects. First we discuss the upcoming Apple event. Then Elisa tells us about her ongoing saga with Spectrum. From there it morphs to streaming services. We move on to Melissa tells us about her new Apple Watch and has a helpful hint for anyone upgrading to a new watch. Elisa regales us with her weird Do Not Disturb thing. Finally Mike tells about his wife’s new car and trying figure how to make it easy for her to play music.

On to our picks. First Melissa looks for a Thunderbolt Dock. Elisa decides to have 2 picks. First there’s the iPhone XR Smart Battery Case. Second is the Apple Pencil. Last but not least Mike wants to play more games so he wants an external hard drive for his Xbox.

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Geekiest Show Ever 304 – Crossing the Streams

We’re back to 3 host this week. After our usual talk about the weather Mike tells about trying to find a song digitally and finally having to go old school and buy a CD and ripping it. From there we talk about buying vs. streaming music and having ownership of our digital entertainment.

Elisa wants to switch cable packages so discuss and compare different stream  packages along with Over The Air and satellite.   

For our picks Melissa wants to be da Bomb with da Bomb “f” Bomb Bath bomb. Elisa has 2 picks. Following the same scent as Melissa, Elisa has chosen Number 2 Scented Toilet Bomb. For her 2nd pick she chose socks from  LootWear LootCrate. And finally in the same vein Mike wants to stay warm so he wants to get Hand Warmers.



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