GSE#4 – Piracy!

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What is piracy? Does downloading movies actually hurt the Hollywood studios? How about downloading MP3s? If I own a cassette tape, can I legally download an MP3 of the same song I already own? A wide-ranging topic this week, and a serious one. Hope you enjoy! Please send feedback to and please RATE OUR SHOW in iTunes!

Geekiest Show Ever – 3 – Cancelled

This week, we talk about the television shows that ended too soon – Extras, Space, Above and Beyond – Firefly – Surface – Brimstone – Dresden Files, Harsh Realm , Jericho, The Lone Gunmen, Freaks and Geeks, Babylon Five, Sport Night, Police Squad, Dark Angel, Beyond Beyond, Get a Life, Ultra Violet. Shows you SHOULD be watching now: Eureka, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother, Doll House, Rescue Me
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