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On episode 395 of Geekiest Show Ever, Elisa and Melissa discuss tips for using Apple Wallet and shopping for smart thermostats. Did you know you can use your titanium Apple card as a screwdriver? Check out our full show notes here Do you have questions about what you heard in this episode? Please send us your feedback. You can email us: podcast at geekiestshowever dot com. Follow us on Twitter for additional tips and conversation: We’d like to hear from you, so let us know which tech topics interest you most. Elisa can be found at and Melissa can be found at

Using Apple Wallet

Set up Apple Card Family and add a co-owner and participants

Set up and use Savings in Apple Wallet

Requires iOS 16.4.1

Submit feedback request to add memos or notes to Apple Card transactions:

Money by Jumsoft

How do you correct location name pronunciation in Apple Maps?
Send us feedback if you’ve figured out how!

Here is a video about how to pronounce the names of roads in Tucson:

Smart Thermostats

The Privacy Risks of Your Smart Thermostat — by Tove Marks

Nest Thermostat review: Affordable, but less magical — Tom’s Guide

Apple HomeKit users can finally use the Nest Thermostat — but there’s a catch — Tom’s Guide

Connectivity Standards Alliance on Matter

“Matter smart home standard explained: Here’s why Google, Apple and Amazon are backing it” — Tom’s Guide

Considering a Google Nest? Click this link for compatibility.

Check your local electric company’s website to see what incentives they might offer for purchasing a smart thermostat.


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Check the Apple Security Updates page to see if your Apple gear is up to date.

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GSE355 Apple Fitness Plus Review

If you’re thinking about trying a new fitness program, you won’t want to miss the well-rounded, multi-perspective review on episode 355 of Geekiest Show Ever! We discuss Elisa’s Apple Fitness Plus experience. Listener Scott shares his thoughts, too. Melissa has a tip for redeeming Apple Gift Card codes. Check out our full show notes here. Do you have questions about what you heard in this episode? Please send us your feedback. You can email us: podcast at geekiestshowever dot com. Follow us on Twitter for additional tips and conversation: We’d like to hear from you, so let us know which tech topics interest you most. Artwork for this episode is by Melissa based on a photo by Delaney Van on Unsplash. Elisa can be found at or and Melissa can be found at

Listener Feedback & Recommendations

Scott recommends a book called “Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution – 25th Anniversary Edition

Apple Gift Cards

When you’ve been gifted an Apple Gift Card in a digital format like an email from a friend or from a third party like the one Apple uses for its Trade-In program, follow the instructions found on Apple’s Help Topic page: Redeem your Apple Gift Card. In the case of Apple’s current Trade-In processor, Phobio, they email you a “PIN” which a series of numbers containing spaces. Simply copy this “PIN” to a new note in your Notes app then delete the spaces between the numbers. Copy the modified “PIN” number into the text field where you’re redeeming the code and the “Redeem” button text will now be accessible.

Elisa’s Review of Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ App

Pricing is $9.99/month or $79.99/year. Apple Watch owners get a one-month free trial.

Apple thought a lot about accessibility when creating Apple Fitness+. All classes are closed captioned and have subtitles for the deaf, which is also helpful for people who do not speak English very well or at all. The trainers use sign language frequently to communicate the beginning and end of the class, hold up fingers to signify how many reps to do, point to the direction you need to move. There are 3 trainers in each class I’ve taken. The lead trainer stands center, with someone to the left and right and slightly behind. The person on the left does the modifications if applicable. One constant for all classes-the trainers want you do to only what you can do. If it hurts, pull back, or adapt to what your body can do. There is no body shaming, strictly positive reinforcement.

The trainers are a diverse group. They range in age from 20s to 60s, and come from various backgrounds-Canada, England, Columbia, Philippines. One trainer has a prosthetic leg, another is pregnant.

And speaking of pregnancy, as of April 19, Apple is adding new workouts to Fitness+. They’re adding pregnancy workouts on Strength, Core, and Mindful Cooldown. Workouts for older adults also begins April 19, and Apple is adding new trainers to the mix.

Check with your health insurance company to see if they offer gym reimbursement. Mine does up to $125, and they told me Apple Fitness+ is included.

If you belong to a gym, Apple Fitness+ is a great way to get a treadmill, rowing or spinning class without having to go to the gym’s classes. You can build your endurance at your pace.

I’d like to see Apple add the ability to create playlists. Sometimes you want to go from one workout to the next, for example, dance to core to mindful cool down. Currently when you finish dance you have to go back to the home screen, find Core, choose a class, etc.

Further Reading

Apple Gave Us an Exclusive Look Inside Its Next-Generation Fitness+ Studio” — Men’sHealth

Apple Fitness+ introduces even more ways to make fitness welcoming and inclusive with new Workouts for Pregnancy, Workouts for Older Adults, trainers, and Time to Walk guest” — Apple Newsroom

Check the Apple Security Updates page to see if your Apple gear is up to date.

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GSE343 Mini Me

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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Go big or go home or go small and stay home? We finally have a Twitter account for all things geeky! Follow us @GeekiestShow. We discuss all the Apple updates and prior announcements with ideas and details to consider for your own tech.

macOS Catalina 10.15.7, iOS 14.1, iPadOS, watchOS 7.0.3 (Series 3) 14.1, tvOS 14.0.2 are the current updates to Apple gear at this time.

Apple Cash Family

Family Sharing and Screen Time gotcha

Widgets are kinda meh so far, but that could change. Write to us and show us how this is the way.


Check out this handy Shortcuts resource:

Sleep Tracking

Workout types on Apple Watch

Leave us a comment or tweet us with your Audio Sharing tips on the devices you use.

Apple Arcade – do we still want to pay to play?

tvOS 14 now allows custom button mapping for your controllers in Settings

MacRumors Buyers Guide

Apple TV

HomePod Mini and truth or dare in advertising and why cables matter

Using Augmented Reality is actually really useful! Open this link using your iPhone or iPad then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see what we’re talking about. When viewing it as an object you can rotate it and that’s when you’ll see the cable attached to the back. We believe they don’t show the end of the cable because it would be unsightly and because the plug connector at the end may be different depending on the country in which you live.

Compare iPhone 12 models

No power brick for you! You’re going to have to get yourself an Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter as a stocking stuffer along with that new iPhone because there will not be a power supply inside its skinny, new box. So much for saving trees or lowering the carbon footprint because that new adapter will still need to be transported on one or more delivery trucks in its own box made of up the same amount of material that would have been in the new iPhone box had it been included.

If you want to hear the satisfying “thunk” of a new MagSafe Charger it’s also got an absentee power supply. Be kinder and order them both at the same time to reduce the amount of delivery trucks coming to your place.

Daily Cash with Apple Card
: Apple Card Daily Cash does include taxes so it does come off the total purchase price from which you save, not the subtotal.

T-Mobile vs AT&T – who serves you best and why? Please let us know your thoughts in a comment, email, or tweet. Stay safe and thanks for listening!

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