Geekiest Show Ever 327 – They Say It’s Your Birthday…

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This week we celebrate Mike’s birthday by looking at people born on his birthday, tech as old as he is and reminiscing about the “Good Ole Days”.

Instead of picks we find presents for Mike. Elisa has four for Mike to pick from. In the first column is two gaming chairs to chose from. One is the Healgen Back Massage Gaming Chair   and the second is the X Rocker Pro.  In the second column is either Dan the Sausageman Northwest Necessities Gourmet Gift Basket  or The $58 Gift Box . Melissa is concerned about Mike being able to see so she would get him 40-Watt Equivalent A19 Non-Dimmable Blue Laser and Bright White Dual Mode LED Light Bulb . For himself Mike would buy a Cow Canvas Wall art  .

Tech that is as old as Mike

A Brilliant Idea: Nick Holonyak, Jr. and the LED

On This Day

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RANT-Tastic Geekiest Show Ever Podcast #55

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That’s right this is the RANT-Tastic episode! On this episode we rant about:

– The Motion Picture Industry
– Inequality between iTunes and Blu-Ray.
– Mark’s New Toy.
– Plus much more — It is all a bit of a blur after Mark’s RANT!

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