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On episode 395 of Geekiest Show Ever, Elisa and Melissa discuss tips for using Apple Wallet and shopping for smart thermostats. Did you know you can use your titanium Apple card as a screwdriver? Check out our full show notes here Do you have questions about what you heard in this episode? Please send us your feedback. You can email us: podcast at geekiestshowever dot com. Follow us on Twitter for additional tips and conversation: We’d like to hear from you, so let us know which tech topics interest you most. Elisa can be found at and Melissa can be found at

Using Apple Wallet

Set up Apple Card Family and add a co-owner and participants

Set up and use Savings in Apple Wallet

Requires iOS 16.4.1

Submit feedback request to add memos or notes to Apple Card transactions:

Money by Jumsoft

How do you correct location name pronunciation in Apple Maps?
Send us feedback if you’ve figured out how!

Here is a video about how to pronounce the names of roads in Tucson:

Smart Thermostats

The Privacy Risks of Your Smart Thermostat — by Tove Marks

Nest Thermostat review: Affordable, but less magical — Tom’s Guide

Apple HomeKit users can finally use the Nest Thermostat — but there’s a catch — Tom’s Guide

Connectivity Standards Alliance on Matter

“Matter smart home standard explained: Here’s why Google, Apple and Amazon are backing it” — Tom’s Guide

Considering a Google Nest? Click this link for compatibility.

Check your local electric company’s website to see what incentives they might offer for purchasing a smart thermostat.


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