GSE335 WWDC20 Reactions

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Apple Special Event June 2020
After watching and listening to WWDC20 demonstrations and announcements, Elisa thinks the new App Clip will be really useful. Melissa is excited for macOS and iOS to finally have some UI consistency. Mike is looking forward to kicking the tires on the new Apple CarPlay.

Here are the links we followed for our discussion:
iOS 14 Preview
iPadOS 14 Preview
watchOS 7 Preview
macOS 11 Big Sur Preview

Melissa is happy to eat her rant about the lack of adding metadata using the native Photos app in iOS 14. Though there wasn’t time to demonstrate everything in the Keynote, this would have been an amazing thing to see!! From Apple’s iOS 14 All New Features, scroll to the Photos section and you will see:

“Add context to photos and videos with captions

View and edit captions to add context to your photos and videos, and easily find captions you’ve added in the Search tab. With iCloud Photos enabled, captions sync seamlessly across all your devices.”

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Geekiest Show Ever 150 – Old Gamer Dudes & WWDC

GSE150 GraphicTopics include:

  • WWDC Announcements
  • Leesburg Today 
  • Swift Programming book
  • Steam Gaming for the Mac
  • Civilization Board Game
  • Amazon Phone ecosystem

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Tomophobia – Episode #112

GSE 112 Graphic
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– Operations and the fear of them when you’re a parent.
– Religion and misconceptions. Mark also details his day as an alter boy and a priest that was not so holy.
– We talk about computers.
– Mark talks about Fanboys.
– WWDC 2013 thoughts.

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