Over The Top Or Underneath – The Great Debate? – Geekiest Show Ever #68

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We discuss:
– Scrunch or Fold?
– Over The Top Or Underneath?
– Amateur vs. Professional Wrestling
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Rollerball (1975)
– KREO Battleship and Transformers
– R2D2 Lego
– Star Wars Death Star Lego
The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Bloopers, The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Bloopers.
– Repurpose old technology
– Education and technology.
Dumb and Dumber
Saturday Night Live
The Hunt For Red October
Star Wars
James Bond

Mark Greentree can be found at www.everydaymacsupport.com and can also be found on Twitter with username:https://twitter.com/EverydayMac

Kevin can be found at http://about.me/ or on Twitter with username: http://twitter.com/Big_in_VA.

Mark Sheppard can be found on Twitter with username: @MarkSheppard

One thought on “Over The Top Or Underneath – The Great Debate? – Geekiest Show Ever #68

  1. Hey Mark and Kevin, thanks for the mention on the show #68. I would like to reply to a few of the things discussed.

    Over/Under? Being the custodian at the high school, I am putting on the toilet paper at 5:30 am. They should be happy to get any at all, let alone over or under. But at home always over. Easier to find the sheet that way. And ,yes, I am a folder. It’s neater that way.

    Wrestling: I also wrestled for 2 years and had a perfect record completely unblemished by any silly wins. This trained me to be a ceiling inspector and a floor polisher. And while discussing campy “sports” let’s not forget “American Gladitors”. As much over-hyped drama as one could stomach.

    Repurposing Old Tech: I hang on to things way too long but I do try to find a use for it. Right now I am trying to find a use for the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet that I have. Was good at the time but was usurped by the iPod Touch. But the 250 gigs of storage can’t be beat.

    Idiocracy: Was talking to one of the people at school and she recommended that I watch this movie for perspective about this community. Unfortunately she was right. Stupid reproduces WAY quicker than intelligence. And you just can’t fix stupid.

    And if I may make a geeky book recommandation. I just got done listening to “The Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures As the World’s Most Wanted Hacker”. It is the story of Kevin Mitnik and how he started out hacking the phone system and worked his way up to social engineering and computer hacking and trying to avoid being arrested by the law. It has references in it to command line programs and the early internet sites and protocols.

    Well I will now quit wasting electrons and let you guys get back to work. The shows have been fun to listen to and keep up the geeky work

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