Geekiest Show Ever 232 – Linux Tablet Hacking

Again this week it is Mike and Kevin. Elisa is not feeling well and Melissa is in to a bit of a workspace remodel.  First we congratulate our friend Peter Bird’s for his appearance in a music video. Peter is after all a member of the family.

Next Kevin discusses the fact that for a second week in a row he bought a Gameboy Advance. He seems to be on a retro gaming spree. Which then leads into a description of Mike’s tablet addiction and then he spoils his pick of the week, again. Then the conversation moves on to hacking together a Linux tablet. Then we postulate on the convergence of phone, tablets and our PC’s and the new HP Elite x3. Kevin’s talks about his concern’s over Big Brother and how Mike feels about it and privacy in general. We finish off with a pretty new email app to clear Mike’s mental images.

We round out the show with discussing our picks, Mike spoiled it again but, we still discuss his Linux Tablet pick. Kevin loves his bags so he goes for a really nice one.

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