Geekiest Show Ever 234 – Apple and Microsoft Announcements

This week it Elisa with Mike and Kevin while Melissa does her Halloween preparations. Let’s hope the crew all gets together soon.

We start with an update on Kevin’s recent subscription box. Once again Arcade Block put together a great one. Kevin has some discount codes if anyone is interested.

We then move on to talk about the Apple event and what we did and din’t like about it. We also discuss the things that Microsoft did right at their Windows 10 event, which leads to a conversation about why we aren’t thrilled with Windows 10.

We wrap up the show with our picks and Elisa’s follow on to her iMessage issue that Suze solved for her.  Elisa is trying to stay warm as the lovely winter season approaches and she does in style with electric fireplace. Mike doesn’t spoil his pick for a second week in a row, He wants to get his gaming fix and choses a Steam powered gaming machine. Kevin is dreaming of Christmas and wants to decorate his yard with this Nativity scene and a cool geeky light to show it off.

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