Geekiest Show Ever 236 – Veterans and Music

This week it is Elisa with Mike and Kevin while Melissa is still recovering from being ill and trying to get her voice back.

We lead off with a thank you to both active duty and military veterans thanking them for their service. Mike gives us a link to video that covers a song that a cousin of his recorded that to commemorate the service of just this type of individual and the episode of his podcast that covered it in detail.

Then we have some additional follow-up to last week’s show on One Hit Wonders. Will Elisa smack us down again? We then move on to Mike’s discussion of his experience with his new Android powered phone, likes and dislikes. Mike also has some IoT troubles related to his phone. Kevin mentions his desire for a new CD Box set and a discussion on getting music on the cheap.

We close out with our picks Mike talks about his desire for a surface book but goes with a Lenovo Flex Flip. Kevin doesn’t need but wants a new 13” MacBook Pro to carry to work. Elisa rounds out the picks with her tease about taking the money and applying it to one of her favorite things a cruise on the high seas.

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