Geekiest Show Ever 245 – Dead Goo

Nobody breathe all 4 of us are here this week.

This week we are doing something a bit different. Since most people, except Kevin, hunker down in the winter and look for indoor activities we decided to look at a favorite geek pastime of binge watching. We discuss what we have been binge watching. Some movies Dark Night, Batman versus Superman and Deadpool. TV shows that are on our list include Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Narcos, Bloodline, OA and Black Mirror.

We close out with our picks. Melissa goes back to her favorite place and chooses a Black 256 GB iPhone 7 plus. Elisa goes over the top with a geeks favorite beverage machine. An Espresso & Cappuccino machine. Mike carries on his theme from last week and chooses a 60” 4K TV with UHD. Kevin finishes out with a Linux Laptop he is lusting for.

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