Geekiest Show Ever 267 – Captive by The Captain

We lead off with the weather and it will be a shocker but, Kevin has a weather related rant. The rant is tied to a discussion about a classic car show and the cars of our youth. Talking about shows we have been to transitions into a discussion with Elisa about her recent concert visits. Mike laments on the tickets he can’t get for Garth Brooks concerts. Next up is Kevin’s continuing trials and tribulations with trying to upgrade to MacOS Sierra. After that we move on to an old favorite topic of ours, cord cutting.  Mike points us towards a site that offers a good resource for those wanting to head in that direction called

We round out the show with our picks.  Kevin has a bit of a shocker by choosing an Apple Watch Series 1. Next up Elisa chooses the Apple AirPods for her listening pleasure and yours. Lastly Mike comes up with a very unique choice of a Pancake printer and yes they are edible folks. Until next week don’t forget to hug a geek.

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