Geekiest Show Ever 269 – Gameboy Mobile Phone

This week we have a focus on some house keeping and gaming. First off we have an announcement that GSE is moving to an every other week schedule for the show and discuss some of the reasons why and what to expect going forward.  Next up is some sad news, great friend of the show and of our’s personally has passed away, Dorothy Yamamoto. She was great artist and a huge supporter and will be greatly missed. We share a few stories and anecdotes of Dorothy. On a lighter note we move on to our main topic and that is an article Mike found on a device that let’s you turn your smart phone into a Gameboy. Even letting you play your Gameboy and Gameboy Color cartridges. We discuss some of the other things coming in retro gaming in the near future.

We round out the show with our picks. First is Elisa with her choice of a piece of software to make podcast editing a bit easier, it is Apple’s Logic X. Next, Mike tries to share his pick until Skype decides to kick him out. He gets a chance to give a basic description of his choice of the WORX Ultimate AeroCart Combo. Lastly, Kevin shares his choice of a Refurbished 6th generation iPod touch.  That is as Elisa says, is to accommodate his vast music collection.

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