Geekiest Show Ever 271 – Flexible Not Radio Flyer

To begin the show we take a trip down geeky memory lane. A bit of a long trip but, we do eventually circle back to our show topics. The main topic of which is what do we all expect or want to see as part of Apples announcements on the 12th of September. Next we have a brief discussion about Elisa’s adventure in getting her iPhone 7 replaced and the ripple effect it is having on her data.

We round out the show with our picks. First is Melissa with her choice of the Apple Trackpad to replace her mouse. Then we move on to Elisa’s pick and she keeps it simple by choosing a year of Amazon Prime. Next is Mike’s choice is a really cool it is a portable scanner from Vuipoint.  Rounding out with Kevin’s pick to help out in emergencies Eton Hand Crank Emergency Weather Radio.

One last thing Kevin apologizes for his audio quality as the recording gods were not cooperating for this show.

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