Geekiest Show Ever 273 – Googel-ized

This week we turn our focus to Google’s recent announcements and what we think about them. Mike and Kevin help Melissa understand what was announced and where there are similarities to Apple’s product line. We also have a discussion about Amazon’s recent announcements to the Alexa line and what portion of the market are they going for. Lastly we discuss our privacy concerns regarding devices that are always listening to us.

We round out the show with our picks. First up is Mike with his choice of the Logitech Harmony remote so that he can make his life easier. Next up is Kevin with yet another retro gaming pick, of a custom built Nintendo GameBoy Advance. Melissa rounds us out by choosing a USB-C enclosure for a 1 terabyte SSD for her new MacBook Pro.

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Sorry for Kevin’s audio his microphone it wasn’t feeling well.

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