Geekiest Show Ever 280 – The ForeFather & Foreplay Episode

After the weather report (Mike and Elisa are cold and Melissa has the weather they want). After that we go inside baseball and talk about our new recording process. We started using Discord for talking and Piezo for recording.

Then some updates on Elisa’s Apple Watch which leads to a discussion of Apple support and education.

We are shocked to find out Mike actually is from Earth and he has the test to prove it. He discusses his DNA test results which leads to explore our genealogy and telling different family stories.

Last but by no means least we do our picks. Melissa surprises with an eargasm with the FS Binaural Microphone for those people with hearing good enough to appreciate it. And keeping it in the listening vein Elisa want the Apple Home Pod. Since it’s play money we all might buy but if it was really money we would probably skip it (even Mike the gadget guy). To round it out Mike cheats by adjusting the price on the fly and picks the Myo Gesture Control Armband. This could be used for presentations, disabled people and of gamers.

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