Geekiest Show Ever 286 – Breaking Better

After discussing our weather (as Kevin melts) we move on to how Mike broke his internet to make it better. Telling how his NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System
improved his internet he then tells about a weird issues he is having with his wife’s computer.

Then Mike tells about his new purchase a 42 mm Apple Watch GPS which then leads to a discussion about a problem Mike was having. From there we listen to Elisa tell about a problem she is having with the Apple Watch/Messages which morphs in looking at settings and things to do with the watch. Elisa talks a little about the Apple Heart Study.

We finish up the podcast with our picks. Melissa tries to get rid of stress with the Breo iDream5 Electric Shiatsu Kneading Eye and Head Massager. Elisa wants to get her hair dry so she wants a Dyson Hair Dryer. Mike wants to do 3D printing so he wants Flashforge 3D printer.

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