Geekiest Show Ever 289 – We’ve Been Drafted

After Mike laments the beginning of summer which means winter will be here before long, we have a discussion of IOS automation. We start out talking about Drafts but then we move on to Workflow, IFTTT, Wunderlist, Amazon Echo, Cozi and TextExpander. Then Melissa talks about the Manything app.

Finally we move to fun money picks. Mike starts out with his pick which continues the automation theme with the Fire TV Cube + Cloud Cam Security Camera. Then Elisa decided to take a break out by the pool with the Hanging Chaise Lounger. Finally Melissa wants to set up a Youtube set so she has the Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit for Photo Studio Product. The additional links to the Articles as mentioned during the show for Drafts Application Drafts 5 review on MacStories and Drafts screencasts.

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