Geekiest Show Ever 329 – Don’t Panic

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DON’T PANIC!!! It’s just Mike & Melissa this week. Elisa is fine, she’s just away for this show. With the Coronavirus starting to ramp up we talk about measures and precautions to deal with the possible pandemic. And one of the best things you can do in a situation such as this is to laugh or the stress will kill you. First we start by talking about the Spotify playlist we created called “Quarantine“. We also discuss a little about making playlists and scrobbling.

Next we talk about some of the Tv shows we want to watch while we wait for the plague to pass. First we discuss The Good Place  then we talk about Mike’s favorites Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist   and God Friended Me.

For our picks Melissa finds a way to deal with the toilet paper shortage by using a bidet. Mike decides to pass his time in isolation by have a chair side table.




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