Geekiest Show Ever #58

Backwards, forwards, and round they go. What on earth did Kevin and Mark get up to this week!

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– Instagram is EVIL.
– Jack Tramiel passes.
– Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock even though our unnamed commenter thinks we are sissies for this we think it is much needed update to the old childhood game. and if you want to know just how hard it was to that here is the blooper real for that scene.
– Physical Media vs. Digital Media – Both us have still been compiling a DVD/Blu-Ray discs. That way we are not locked into a format. Mark was inspired to go back in this direction by Peter Upfold ( ) He discussed this NAMP Episode 48

Requiem – DRM removal tool.

– PSVita, Portable Gaming, plus Kevin and Mark’s most memorable games. Darksiders, Heavy Rain, Bayonetta, Mario Cart on various platforms, Mattel Electronic Football ( ) Ridge Racer, Blur, Donkey Kong Country for the Wii, Commander Keen ( ), Castle Wolfenstein, SimCity, Tetris Original, Styx ( ), Call of Duty, Epic Mickey, Prince of Persia,  Leisure Suit Larry ( )

– A collection movies and tv show topics:

How long is to long for a TV Series to run?

Should a discontinued series be allowed to close in proper wrap-up not just an abrupt end?

Shows discussed were Deadwood, The Simpsons, The X-Files, The Andy Griffith Show, CSI Original series, Fire Fly, Farscape, Enterprise, Hero’s

Movies discussed Hackers, The Net, Jurassic Park

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4 thoughts on “Geekiest Show Ever #58

  1. Hi, I’m having problems downloading this weeks episode using the iPad/iPhone app Downcast. Keep getting an error. No problems with any other shows. Anyone else have this problem?


    1. Hi Funkyjudge,

      The problem is from our end.

      Hopefully this will be addressed as soon as possible and I will post again once it has been resolved.



  2. It’s working now. The problem would have been fixed earlier, but our dog had puppies last night and I didn’t see Mark’s email about the problem. Totally my fault. (Tim Robertson)

  3. If anyone else is using Downcast and it still shows an error, unsubscribe then resubscribe to the podcast and that should solve the problem.

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