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On episode 382 of Geekiest Show Ever, Melissa and Elisa discuss some new smart home tech. Melissa reviews her new gear and shares tips for how to make a tv into a digital photo frame. Do you use HomeKit for your security cameras? Check out our full show notes here and look for additional tips and links to the products we discussed.

AirPods Pro Case with AirTag holder:

Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Lantern:


Eufy Cameras: (affiliate link)

Eufy Indoor Cam (affiliate link):

Leak Detectors:


Tip: You can use your big screen TV as an oversized digital photo frame! You can even allow friends and family members to contribute photos if you invite them to do so. Here’s how you can achieve it using Apple TV:

First, using the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, create a new Shared Album. In my own library, I created an album and called it “Screensaver.” You can name it anything you want. Complete instructions are here:

On Apple TV, launch the Settings app then go to General. Next, select Screen Saver and choose the Type which will be called “My Photos.” Select the Shared Photo Album you’ve already created so it pulls images from this album in rotation. Next, select a Transition. I chose Origami. You can preview all the different transitions to see which you like best.

Image shows three different chargers in one hand to compare the sizes. First is the Apple 5W USB power adapter that came with older iPhones. Next is the Anker USB-C 20W charger and last is the Apple 20W power adapter that comes with HomePod mini.
Image shows three plugs connected to the surge protector power strip that hide behind the wall-mounted tv. Apple TV plug, flat screen TV plug, and HomePod mini power cable plugged into Anker’s 20W USB-C charger.

Anker USB-C 20W Charger for HomePod mini:

10 ft Power Strip Surge Protector:

TV Wall Mount:

Apple TV Wall Mount:


Elisa’s New iPad Case:

Consider joining a local Macintosh Users Group near you. If you live or visit Tucson, come check out Tucson Macintosh Users Group.

Do you have questions about what you heard in this episode? Please send us your feedback. You can email us: podcast at geekiestshowever dot com. Follow us on Twitter for additional tips and conversation: We’d like to hear from you, so let us know which tech topics interest you most. Elisa can be found at and Melissa can be found at

Episode Artwork Credit: Melissa Davis

Check the Apple Security Updates page to see if your Apple gear is up to date.

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