Geekiest Show Ever 229 – Watch Us iOS

This week it is Elisa, Mike and Kevin. Melissa was dealing with unexpected issues. We start out with some follow-up about Arcade Block since Kevin has some discount codes to share on a first come first served basis. We then move into a short discussion about podcasting gear and why we have some of it.

Next we discuss further impressions of iOS 10 after a week with it. You get to listen while we play with messages app. Elisa mentions her upcoming review on MyMac about the “Take Control of iOS 10” book and how to make best use of the book.

We round out the show with discussing our picks even though Mike spoiled his earlier in the show. Elisa’s has to do with her beloved baseball. Kevin goes back to seasonal lawn equipment. We also make mention of Allister Jenks brand new iOS app Night Clock.

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