Geekiest Show Ever 230 – Geek Gear and Questions

This week it is Melissa, Mike and Kevin. Elisa is off traveling to warm climates. Kevin got another Arcade Block  and talks about what was in it this month also has some more discount codes to share on a first come first served basis.

Then we discuss Kevin’s ongoing search for a phone to replace his second phone. The Android offerings are tempting him again especially with the feature price benefit. This goes into what to do if drop your phone in water, Melissa asks our thoughts and opinions. We also discuss extended warranties, should you or shouldn’t you.

We round out the show with discussing our picks and Melissa is getting used to the game and chooses a top of the line iPhone 7+. Mike needs to relax after long day and wants this awesome Message Chair. Kevin wants to relax to but he is doing it infant of giant screen TV.

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