Geekiest Show Ever 248 – Awkward Phone Transitions

We are down a host this week as Melissa puts family first for some reason.

We start out awkward and it only gets worse as we go. The weather report goes badly until Mike turns the discussion back in a better direction. Kevin talks about his experience after 5 days with his new iPhone 7 Plus. Lots of new features to take advantage of coming from a 6 Plus. Then Mike talks about replacing his wife’s iPhone 5 with a Moto G4 Play from Amazon.

Next up in our discussion is how Elisa and Melissa broke Kevin’s Apple Watch. Well really the daily updates stopped being sent to them, but Kevin received theirs. Listen to hear the troubleshooting steps tried and eventual fix for the issue.

Last up are our picks for the week. We start off with Mike and his desire for embracing spring with new patio furniture. Then Elisa goes for mass storage with a NAS from Synology and the disks for it. Here is linked video from the Nosillacast from CES about Elisa’s pick. Showing how awesome Elisa is. Last up is Kevin’s desire for more screen real estate with a 34” 4K monitor.

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