Geekiest Show Ever 249 – Awkward Customer Service

This week we are a party of three again, Melissa should be back with us next week.

First we discuss Elisa’s continuing struggle with AT&T customer service and billing issues. She is trying to be patient but they are pushing her further and further away.  We all discuss how poor customer service impacts our geek experience.

Next up is a discussion about headphones. What are we using and what do we prefer? Followed by a discussion of in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones and what are our preferences.  We would like to hear from the listeners as to your preference. Mike then provides us with update to his phone transition for his wife and what his cat did to kill Google.

Elisa rounds out the show with a recommendation for those that slide back and forth on mobile operating systems to listen to the latest episode of “Chit Chat Across the Pond ” episode 477. In this episode our friend Allison Sheridan talks to Megan Moronne and Jason Howell about their experiment to switch phones for a month.

For our picks this week we start off with Elisa’s choice of Sennheiser headphones that Kevin could use if he wasn’t so cheap. Next up Kevin does a Melissa and picks two things. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones and then follows that with Master & Dynamic MW50 headphones. Mike closes out our picks with his desire to get back on the iOS bandwagon with an iPad Air 2.

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