Geekiest Show Ever 253 – OMG I Killed Kevin

This week we have the continuation of the Apple Watch saga and the inaccuracies Elisa and Kevin are still experiencing. We then discuss the recent updates MacOS, iOS and what we do or don’t think of them. Next Kevin brings up his aging Mac Mini and its lack of WiFi communication. Melissa has a need to track vehicle mileage for business expenses. Mike offers some suggestions using Automatic. Then we move on to our ISP’s being able to sell your browsing data and all the things that are watching and listening to us

We finish up with our picks. Melissa starts out with choosing an iPad Pro because her 4th generation is just too slow.  Kevin keeps the tablet theme going with the Pixel C from Google. Back to Elisa and her love of music and concerts, she chooses tickets to The Classic East. we finish up with Mike’s pick of something to help him around the yard a 20 cubic foot dump cart.

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