Geekiest Show Ever 252 – Rusty a.k.a Mike

We start out with Mike being Rusty, no not a name change just an old Linux skills discussion. What Mike is doing to get back up to speed on them.  The discussion then turns to Elisa’s new purchase and it’s a big one. After that we discuss our impressions of the Apple announcements this week and whether Mike is being tempted by them or not. Kevin then updates us on what is happening with his Apple Watch and the continuing weirdness. After that a big congratulations to Elisa and her co-hosts for episode 100 of Three Geeky Ladies.

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Last up are our picks for this week.  After all the tablet talk Kevin goes a bit wild and chooses a Windows 10 tablet. Next up Mike wants to automate his house a bit more by choosing a digital door lock. Last up it is the start of baseball season and Elisa is excited and doesn’t want to miss a game so she picks MLB TV subscription for the season.

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