Geekiest Show Ever 259 – Pictures or it Never Happened

Well Melissa returns and Kevin is out, a bit like a Whack-a-Host game. The show must go on and the rest of the gang soldier forth. We start with a great discussion about how best to share photos amongst a group both privately and publicly. How we do it with our friends and family. What services work and what services don’t and the ones that have disappeared. Speaking of which Melissa points us to an article at The Mac Observer about cloud services. This article looks at defunct cloud services and how to protect yourself. Then Mike Reveals his newest purchases an iPad and an Android tablet as he evaluates his tablet strategy.

We close out the show with our picks. Melissa leads off with her choice of a year of Amazon Prime for a pick. Next up is Elisa with her choice of a turntable to play physical records on. If you would like to read her review of this very turntable follow this link to it on the MyMac website. Mike rounds us out with his pick of a universal dock that makes your Android phone into a full fledged laptop. It is called the Superbook.

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