Geekiest Show Ever 260 – Trading Hosts

Well Kevin returns and Melissa is out, so the Whack-a-Host game continues. We start out discussing the issues Kevin faced trying to finally update to MacOS Sierra. Needless to say it didn’t go very well. However with the wisdom of the crowd a new plan of attack is conceived. Elisa also wants to talk about issues she has been having with her MacBook Pro and the idea of her first ever nuke and pave.  Next up is a discussion of how Amazon has angered Kevin and the fact he may go full geek on them when he calls. We finish out with a discussion on music triggered by the recent extension of Google Music trial. 

We close out the show with our picks. Mike leads off with his choice of a really cool little workbench that gets him back in control of his garage. Next up Elisa chooses the Amazon Echo Show so that she can peek in on Kevin and Mike. Lastly Kevin feeds his retro gaming addiction by choosing the Retron 5 and a wireless controller to play all of the old cartridge games from Nintendo.

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