Geekiest Show Ever 263 – WW Did You Also See

Well we have 3 out of 4 hosts this week so that is pretty good. First up we find out about Elisa’s travels to Northern Virginia and the traffic she faced. Next Kevin wants to share more of his thoughts on WWDC with Elisa and Mike. We discuss the iPad Pro’s at some length and the coming of iOS 11.  How the iPad and iOS 11 combined bring us closer to replacing laptops in some use cases. Elisa shares how her co-host has all but replaced her Mac with just such a combination.  Mike shares that he may be coming back to the iPhone. Then we discuss an article about Amazon killing off the unlimited cloud storage option.

We round out the show with our picks. Mike chooses a foldable Travel Bike that is really cool but, will it kill him. Elisa is up next for an outdoor pick of a lovely screened in Gazebo to get Kevin outside. Lastly we round out our picks with Kevin’s choice of a System 76 Linux laptop.

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