Geekiest Show Ever 264 – 2 Game or Not 2 Game

This week we have a focus on random topics. We start out with a discussion about fireworks that we have seen or purchased over the years. Kevin recommends checking out one of his favorite places to purchase pyrotechnics for any holiday. Next is our main topic for the evening, video gaming. We hear Mike’s impression of the Nintendo switch to date. Kevin also discusses his early impressions of the Switch. Next Kevin mentions his recent semi-retro gaming purchase of a Nintendo DS Lite. He may have Mike convinced he needs one or that he needs the yet to be released Nintendo 2 DS XL.

We round out the show with our picks. Mike chooses a  way to power his bike up those tough hills on the way to work. It is the GeoOrbital Wheel a battery power assist to modify any bike. Kevin then shares his pick of a 12.9” iPad Pro fully tricked out.

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