Geekiest Show Ever 250 – After a Slight Delay then a Twerk


We made it to episode 250 mostly intact. Sorry for the delay in the show, but Kevin couldn’t talk last week and he didn’t want to miss out on this milestone. Unfortunately, the delay means we missed out on Melissa.

We discuss the weather to begin with as usual, but with a positive twist, at least for Kevin. Winter storm Stella is supposed to hit the east coast the day after we record. Expect tales of glory and woe from the crew.

Next we discuss a little TV and the new old show Kevin is watching, Breaking Bad. Elisa recommends a great podcast to go along with the show hosted by the show’s creator. It is the Breaking Bad Podcast of course. We then discuss a couple of purchases made by the crew. Mike has a new bluetooth controller that holds his Nvidia Shield and gives him a nice mobile gaming experience. Kevin shares the bluetooth headphones he bought and how he is enjoying them. We finish up with a discussion of how Elisa can get her music from Microsoft that she had somehow lost.

For our picks this week we start off with Elisa’s choice of the SanDisk 256 GB wireless flash drive and shares a link to a good review of it. Next up Mike being the gadget hound he is and wanting to try all computing platforms chooses Asus 14” Chromebook to round out his collection. Kevin wraps it up with a new porch swing that will let him sit outside and enjoy the snow.

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