Geekiest Show Ever 251 – Healthy Geeks


We discuss the weather to begin with as usual. Winter storm Stella made her appearance last week and had a few surprises for us. Let’s just say Elisa hit the jackpot.

This week we are back talking about the Apple Watch and some changes Kevin made to his. This brings up the old question of how accurate is the watch and what can be done about making it more accurate. Since we are talking health, Kevin shares the details of his new blood pressure cuff that he just bought. Then we have an update on Elisa’s continuing ATT billing issues and a discussion on what we think should be on a bill.

For our picks this week we start off with Mike and his desire to improve his outdoor space with a great new gas grill. Next up Elisa chooses the Sonos Playbase which improves your home theater experience. Lastly Kevin wants a NAS and his choice is the Synology DiskStation along with the drives to populate it.

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